Can someone help me fix my Windows Movie Maker?

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mine doesnt do that but when i medit my movie when i got to publish it to uplaod it on youtube it wont let me publish it reply

01-30-2009 01:55 PM
Zack Gogan

I had this problem, and the only way I solved it was by uninstalling WMM and then reinstaling it, only way. reply

02-16-2009 06:52 AM

yo guys look
i have a problem
whenever i convert a video with
i edit the video and sht
and then when i edited it i tried to save it
it goes up to like 90%-98% and then it says it cant save
cause the file im saving it to doesnt have enough MB and other sht...then it says to make a new folder to save videos in it...i do it...still doesnt work...i tried everything...someone please help me!...please!!!!!....
,your buddy Jonny reply

02-16-2009 12:38 PM
Jonny Star

Ok here is my problem. I have movie maker running fine except when I go to play back wat I have so far it is slow and skips and acts funny. I was patient at first but now I am pissed. I had some good ideas but if i can’t review my work so far it really sucks. Also on my mum’s pc it works fine when it plays back but it is hard to get it to put the clips in the right spot with out it freezing up a little....but my mum’s pc sucks so it is understandable but on is driving me crazy! reply

03-29-2009 09:49 PM

Movie Maker is a bag of shit, I can guarantee you will resolve your issue to be immediately confronted by another. At first my WMM just closed without warning, now it won’t save my movie saying I do not have enough memory (which is bull shit).

I’ve decided to give up and just buy a video editing program which will at least have support available if something goes wrong.

Gotta love Microsoft eh. reply

04-09-2009 09:35 PM

Hey Guys my windows movie maker keeps on closing on me..
whenever i try adding titles/credits, it closes for some reason with no error.

Please Help Me.. Its URGENT! reply

04-10-2009 09:33 AM


I was making a vid about Sonic the hedgehog going for a
million dollars on Who want’s to be a millionaire. but it
keeps messing up and telling me it encountred a problem.
it keeps doing it no matter How much darn times i send
the report or restart! Now that is retarded! PLZ HELP! reply

04-14-2009 10:06 AM

fuck WMM.I think Microsoft should fix it,but microsoft is too busy fixing Vista and build Windows 7.No one care about XP anymore.Fuck them. reply

04-25-2009 11:06 AM

here. reply

06-27-2009 12:35 AM

I open my windows movie maker and a message pops up that says error! Then i have to click on report error and this happens all the time or i open it then click on transitions or something and then the same message pops up and i cant do anything! reply

07-21-2009 12:07 AM

I made a clip video and added music to it, but when i saved it and exited out of WMM and opend it back up you couldn’t see the pictures i put on. can someone help me? reply

08-04-2009 02:34 PM

I found a simple fix for my own problem at - This is so easy it’s worth a try for you too: 1 - Open Windows Movie Maker 2 - Click Tools 3 - Click Options 4 - Remove all the checks on the video filter list My Movie Maker worked perfectly after this. 5 - If this solves your problem, then just play around with adding or removing checks until you find out which filter is causing your Movie Maker malfunction. This worked for me. Wheeeeeee !!! reply

08-20-2009 08:07 PM

im having the same problem, everytime i try to drag an effect, it stops responding, it crashed my computer the other day! gahh i hate it! >:/ reply

08-28-2009 01:01 AM

maybe this link will help you with your problems... reply

10-29-2009 06:56 AM

How to fix the non-repondence problem of window movie maker ? reply

11-09-2009 10:25 AM
Suman Chandra Roy

I’ve totally gave up, i’ve been trying everything for the last 2 days .-. so I’m going to download somthing who knows If anyone gets the soltuion tell me!
mine frezzes up when i want to make amvs DX
i put a vid frezzes im going to go nuts!
I Littelry going nuts xD
I’ve tryed everything reply

12-31-2009 04:37 PM

that the same thing happen to and plus my problem says another user in this computer is using wmm,i only have one user me can someone help us reply

01-03-2010 02:41 PM

well I have this same problem with my movie maker and from the looks of it it can’t be solved through a site like this I don’t see a lot of helpful answers I think the software is just retarded you should call the company to find out why they’re so stupid especially if you make videos frequently like I do reply

01-11-2010 05:37 PM
hating windows movie maker

I know how you feel. GB is bigger than MB and I have tones of GB left on my hard drive, and I only need MB to save my vids, but it says I don’t have enough space on my Hard Drive. reply

02-05-2010 10:42 PM

the second i get into my windows movie maker it says :“your collections file is corrupted/not valid. we will create a new collections file"it loads then it says: “a new collections file cannot be created” then it shuts down!! its driving me up the wall!!! reply

02-27-2010 08:40 AM

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