Avi-file only plays sound, no image

07-17-2007 06:57 AM
Stefaan Breugelmans

I am using Windows Media Player 10 on a Windows XP Pro SP2 machine. I have received an avi-file in Outlook - size 45MB. When I play it from my Outlook, I only get sound, no image. If I save the avi-file to my hard drive, I can get sound and image.
My colleague has a similar issue with the same avi-file : he can play the avi-file from memory stick with sound and image, but if he copies the file to his hard drive and plays it, he only gets sound.
According to GSPOT, the Audio Codec is PCM Audio, the video codec is Indeo 5.x, which is installed on my PC.

Use of other players is not possible because of company policy.

Anybody have any ideas ? reply


07-17-2007 07:30 AM
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You seem to have opposite problems (which is odd).
1. Your problem: Since XP Service Pack 2, Microsoft disabled playback of Indeo contents online (aka streaming). You have to have the file on your hard disk to play it (I don’t think you can play it over a network drive even). It’s mentioned here
2. Your friend’s problem. Are you sure you stated it right? That he can play from memory stick but not HD? (I would think the opposite because then it’d be similar to your problem.) You can attempt a couple of things: a. Download Indeo and install it (our site now hosts it at http://moviecodec.com/downloads/31d.html). If that doesn’t work, check that you have the proper key in the registry. Start the registry editor (start, run, type regedit.exe and press enter). Navigate to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32. Make sure Drivers32 is selected on the left. Find vidc.iv50 and make sure it has the value ir50_32.dll. If it’s not there, go to edit, new, string value. Name it vidc.iv50, then double click it and for value put ir50_32.dll reply


07-26-2007 01:53 PM
Stefaan Breugelmans

Hey Anonymous,

first of all, it is correct that I CAN play from hard drive, whereas my collegue CANNOT play from hard drive. It is specifically this very strange error that make me put this post.
I have checked in regedit, and it does have the ir50_32.dll.

Thanks for the info about XP SP2, I wasn’t aware of this. reply


08-06-2007 05:48 PM

hi,i downloaded a avi but when i run it it only plays sound??? reply


09-04-2008 07:04 PM
Jack B.

Whenever I try to play a video file with any player except quicktime there is no image, and only the audio plays. How do I fix this? reply


04-25-2010 09:08 PM

Cheers and thanks for the help!

In Windows 7 I had sound only with my Logitech Quick Cam Pro avi files, rather annoying! I did what you said and edited the registry and volia! all working now.

Thank you

Find vidc.iv50 and make sure it has the value ir50_32.dll. If its not there, go to edit, new, string value. Name it vidc.iv50, then double click it and for value put ir50_32.dll reply


08-08-2011 05:55 PM

Fantastic! Thanks for the post. Upgraded a client’s machine from xp to win 7 and they could no longer see old family avi files, only audio playing. Files of no longer around family members. Files had been created inb 2001 with a Logitech quickcam. Downloaded / installed the indeo codecs, made the registry hack, and voila! Thanks! reply


08-29-2012 12:21 AM

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