Able to play avi files on monitor but unable to show on TV

Hi peeps,

i have a very very weird problem.

I’m using a Nvidia N6200 video card.
I’ve previously installed the DiVX pack which includes the codec and player.
I was able to play the movie and view in on my pc monitor and TV.

HOwever, i’ve uninstalled it, and installed the ACE Codec pack.
I can play the same movie on my PC monitor but it just shows a void on the TC screen.
Even other window shows in the back ground but it’s just the window where the movie is running is blank!
Any kind advise? reply

06-10-2007 01:32 PM

well guys, i’ve reversed the process and uninstalled the ace pack and re-installed the Divx pack
but problem still persist!!!!

Help pls? Funny thing is when i run the video @ full screen, the part where it is supposed to show the movie is blue in colour where else the top and bottom is black.

help? reply

06-10-2007 02:03 PM

guys i’ve found a walk around

i went to my directX settings via start-run-dxdiag-display and disable my directdraw accleration and managed to get the video back on my TV

But is there any other way to get around it?

Or explanation? reply

06-10-2007 02:12 PM

I think you can only enable directdraw on only one device at the time. If you look under your display settings (right click desktop, properties; under advanced somewhere), you may have the option to set your TV as the primary display device. reply

06-27-2007 09:20 PM
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>> Or explanation?
Basically DirectDraw allows video data to go directly to the display device (tv, monitor, whatever) without going through the video buffer. This speeds up things tremendously (it’s usually used in video and in games). It’s also why when you hit print screen you get a black rectangle in an area of video being played (it’s not in the video buffer) unless you disable directdraw. reply

06-27-2007 09:26 PM
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Try a thing like this ! reply

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