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Hope you guys are having a good evening, my question pertains to Windows XP. I downloaded it through Azureus Bittorent Client. I have a Windows Media Player & Movie Maker .bin and .cue file, and I have a Windows XP .bin & .cue file. I burned the files as a data disc but I can’t find a way to boot it. All help is greatly appreciated, thx. reply

12-11-2004 10:57 PM
Big Dut

When you have a cd image, you have to burn it as a cd image. You can’t burn a data cd with the image file in it. The data will be there, but it won’t be in a readable format.
BTW I don’t believe the Windows XP cd burning program handles cd images. I could be wrong though. You’d need a program that handles the cue/bin format (there’s tons of other formats out there like iso, nrg, mdf, etc). Nero can handle cue/bin. There should be an option in the file menu that says something like 'burn from cd image' or 'open cd image'

12-12-2004 03:52 AM
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