Problem with .sfv files

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07-17-2005 10:37 PM

i downloaded an svcd and got a rar file, i extracted the file and got lots of rar files with part 001,002 etc. when i then extract these files i get an avi file but the file is only 2 mins long even though its size is over 1.3GB, its supposed to be a movie!can anybody help please!!!! reply


07-30-2005 05:15 PM



08-05-2005 12:40 PM

Ok, I just downloaded a movie. Its HUGE! 7 gigs. Its Saving Private Ryan. Now I have about 85 rar and .sfv file. Theres 2 discs so both have about 85 .rars and one sfv. lost. Ok I I tryed extracting and that didnt do anything. The files are still .rar. I donwloaded Quick SFV and all the files are there but what else is suppose to happen now? reply


08-09-2005 01:02 AM

when i use winrar i start making it to a iso file and then a error comes out it says “U need the following volume to continue extraction:
ato\Local Settings\Temp\Rar$DI67.390\rld-baf2.r00
Insert a disk with this volume and press “ok” to try again or prees cancel to break extraction reply


08-21-2005 12:29 PM to info..... reply


08-28-2005 12:59 AM

I have a problem too. I dont get it. Patrick sayd he downloaded 3 ps2 games that have .sfv. I downloaded max payne 2 to my pc. Did i get a scam? Isn’t there .sfv for pc? If there is then someone please helpe me out cuz i didn’t get the sfv handler from that page. 404 error... someone gimme a new page where i can download it and do something with sfv-s. reply


09-02-2005 06:47 PM

hi people ok i read all the stuff but im confused because i have files that go to part 1 tell part 37.

i know how to use winrar and i did that on the 1st one but the only file i got out of it was a sfv. file and nothing eles. the other post said that ther e was a bin or cue file but this has nothing. i have not extrated the other rars just the 1st one.

can i just burn out the sfv. or do i have to do something eles. plz help thanks reply


09-07-2005 10:38 AM
TopsyTurvy reply


09-23-2005 10:36 AM

Thanks for you guys... u help me a lot with this TOPIC about SV files !

Thanks for GOD for it ! reply


10-16-2005 10:48 PM

So the sfv file just checks if the files are correct, but are all the other files the same (.oo1-.023?). I’m extracting and running the first file, but why are there 22 others? Am I doing the installation right? reply


10-17-2005 01:13 AM

hey people well i need some help. do i need to combine the 001, 002, ect. files or do i need to open them with win rar and extract psp game and .bin. how do i combine this oo1 files so i can play them. please help!!! reply


10-22-2005 11:14 AM

I’ve downloaded Lfs game and it have the same story with 001-0028 files and i found out there is an awsome program that can split the files and re join them all together (hjsplit), thnx for the link. Because when i tried to extract the first file it sais (volume required, insert the disk and ....) same prob as other guy. So i splitted everything andrejoined them all so i’ve got he whole files together, BBBUUUTTTT it wont extract again too. I dont know what the hell this volume thing mean it sais “u need the following volume to continue LFS.0038 but thers no such a thing like that it only is untill 0028 file HHEEEEELPPPP???!!!!!!! reply


10-23-2005 09:12 AM
someone dead

Yo can anyone help me out here??!?!? i bin extracting alot of files with daemon tools but i dont kno how to extract SFV files yet.... please help me out!!! this is frustrating as hell! reply


10-23-2005 04:09 PM
94 posts

SFV (Simple File Verificator) files are used to ensure if files are:
- not corrupt
- not missing reply


10-23-2005 09:31 PM
some dude who knows

ok after this post there should be no more

first and for most like many have said in this thread sfv means simple file verification. it is a progrom that is unextractable all it does is make shure your download went well and nothing is missing and is the same as the original source....

second the file extensions oo1 oo2 oo3 etc. etc. are not an extension at all they are just parts of a whole that has been split up to make the download time smaller. to combine all u have to do is download hj-join the brother or sister of hj-split which was used to split up the file in the begining (once again HJ-JOIN) you can find this program at any search engine. It joins the files and you are good to go. (HJ-JOIN comes with easy to follow instructions)

If the join files are still unknown to your computer than you are missing the executable programs needed to run the joined files (which means u have to look for them)

no offense but if u do not understand these instructions and still post stupid question about the sfv and 001
which have already been answered (which u would know if you follow the rules of a forum and read every post on a thread before posting) in this thread multiple timesthan maybe u should just give up the whole computer thing to save urself some trouble. cuz realy its not hard to follow some simple instructions. reply


10-23-2005 10:39 PM
94 posts

Good 2 pinpoint these RETARDS!!! reply


10-24-2005 03:35 PM

I need help,when i use winrar i start making the game to an iso file and then a error comes out it says “You need the following volume to continue extraction:"“Insert a disk with this volume and press “OK"to try again or press “Cancel"to break extraction.“PLEASE HELP!!! SOME WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT EXTRACTING PSP ISO AND KNOWS HOW TO GET PAST THE “VOLUME REQUIRED” AS SOON AS YOU READ COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!THANKS!!! reply


10-28-2005 04:51 AM
the answer

all right people follow this instroctutions to get downloaded psp games running on ur psp. First u download the game from torrent spy or any bit torrent site. After u got the game downloaded open it and some time the game will come in the iso format already and if its not it will come in rar number files.(001-00?).NOTE this is were most people get confused, u have to use QUICK SFV and open the sfv file to put the files in order, this is the confusing part, when u open the first rar file notice the rar program opens up all the rar files and combines them into what should be the PSP GAME and .BIN FILE. SO PEOPLE U DONT HAVE TO COMBINE THE RAR FILES THE WINRAR DOES IT AUTOMATICALLY FOR U. Anyways if the rar files need to be converted to iso format u have to got to go to the site psp hacks. u can google it and im sure u’ll find it. when ur at this site u go to downloads and u download the first burnout legends rip kit u see while scrolling down the list. it should be 370mb. anyways after u downlad this rip kit open it and u should find the program vcdromx inside. this people is the program u need to convert these rar number files to iso format. first though u have to make them to fcd format. well open up the program and u will notice all the ? marks. i dont know i guess some chinese people made this program and couldn’t traslate it to english. anyways type in the name of the game in the top box and i dont know but sometimes it doesn’t want to work depending if u use capital letters i think some shit like that. after u type in the name of the game make sure the fcd box is checked in and click on the fist ?? box the one with the shadow. after this drag the psp game and .bin file to the right box in the vcdromx program. the u go to the top left corner and u open of the ???F tab and choose the one that says ???B. This should make the psp game and .bin file to fcd format and should save it as a file. then go back to the ???F tab and this time go to the one that says ???C. this will open u a little window were u have to browse for the fcd file that u had just created. after u find the file choose it. then just click on the top ??? box next to the little folder icon u used to browse for the fcd file and watch the psp game get converted into a full working iso. after this just drag this iso file to the iso folder in ur psp and enjoy! hope i helped. reply


11-02-2005 05:28 AM

well i’ve checked my .sfv files and they’re all OK.
the thing is, i opened one of the .rar files and got a .avi file. i extracted it. i tried to view it using DiVX player and it worked but there’s no sound :s


btw, there are no cue/bin/iso files included when i downloaded the movie. reply


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