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11-21-2006 06:16 AM
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Hi. I just picked up the new MP4 watch (Brando). This watch plays mp3’s, JPEG Photos, and Video in the form of MP4 supposedly. But actually you have to convert your vidoes to a ( NXV ) video format using the included conversion software.
I am not happy with the converter program as it makes a 19 mb file into a 136 mb file after the converion. Since this watch is only 1 Gig, it will fill up way to quick.
Does anyone have any knowledge on the NXV video format and does anyone know of a better conversion program for it ???
Thanks, Jeff. reply


12-17-2006 12:58 AM

I know wat u mean i have the same watch and the same problem. But i did know it has to b nxv file type. If u put a 2 hr movie in low quality it will fit (713.4mb for harry potter and the sourcers stone) only thing is low quality is just that very low the next step up is middle which is way 2 big 2.4gb i was searching for a way to compress this a little maybe encode the video with mp3 audio or something but so far no luck. Oh and i tried shrinking the video to 96x64 which will play on the watch but it dosent enlarge it or put a black area around it, it just plays in the corner of the watch with w/e was in the background as the fill space its really anoying. reply


12-30-2006 08:41 AM

The video converter they supply is awful. Some of my AVI files it refuses to touch, stating “ERROR 28” or something. Some it converts but results in a 28kb file that’s unplayable. The only joy so far has been converting avi files that my compact camera recorded!
Same story with the photo converter. About 80% of photos I tried convert to .RAW, but don’t display. reply


01-04-2007 09:24 AM
Dick Tracy

"Same story with the photo converter. About 80% of photos I tried convert to .RAW, but don’t display."

You have to fiddle with both the volume +/- buttons & the track buttons while viewing pictures to see them all. Once you reach the end of pictures with one set of buttons,switch to the next. Nice watch,but lot`s of bugs. reply


01-09-2007 07:31 AM
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Hi all-just received my watch-can any one take me thro the steps to convert a movie from an ordinary DVD to the watch? or does it have to be 'converted' to some other format on the pc first? also- what is the manufactures website mentioned in the instructions -did any one else find the Chinese/English translation almost impossible to understand?thanx-nori reply


02-05-2007 12:46 AM
This Watch Sucks Alot

Yes this watch and its software is a horrible stinking lump of chinese poo.

Recommend you sell it on ebay instantly for anything anyone is willing to give you for it.

The people who sell this should be ashamed and will surely go straight to hell tricking people into buying this with their lies of mp4 playing.

Sadly there is no fix or solution to all of our problems with this shit-bomb. reply


02-09-2007 05:37 PM

does work well with mp3’s but seller told me it would work with mac ..... and it doesn’t anyone got solution besides flying to china and sticky it up someone’s $%^^&% reply


02-11-2007 07:59 AM

Could anyone send me an link to an nxv converter to download,
because my stupid compi can´t read cds or dvds.
please help me guys reply


04-13-2007 04:51 PM

Help The watch keeps crushing on me. Now when I turn it on it says wellcome and then shuts right back down. Is there a way to reset it? reply


04-20-2007 02:37 PM

Ive had the watch for a couple months. It converts all my music videos just fine. It wont even touch any of my movies, which are all avi. files. Mp3s are great and loud! but, yes the converter really sucks. Its got 2 gigs memory. Its really hard to expect much from a wrist watch. good hardware takes up space. The files get larger after because its playing a file that isnt as compressed as an avi would be. I bought it to watch movies, so thats a real bummer, but the watch was only $80 for a 2gig. thats still a great deal for a semi-video watch and mp3 player. I did expect more, but its not worth reselling it used. reply


04-21-2007 10:13 PM
nickname 01

what awful software.
just really crude terrible unresponsive foreign technology.
“don’t drop down your player”? Come on.
how can you possibly operate it with a 'chinglish' instruction manual and a nxv converter that you can’t put files on to...


this is a truly terrible piece of eastern enginuity reply


04-24-2007 01:28 PM

Well I bought a no name off ebay. It does not use the NXV it uses a .smv format and I have great success. I am able to cpmpress a 1.5 GB AVI into about 300 or less file. My watch is a 2GB. It straight up supports MP3 and JPEGS...no conversion. I am glad I did not get a Brando.

Just for kicks I thought I would see if my watch would play the NXV format and it would not..so I assume even though it looks exactly the same it truly is a different watch. If some one is looking for the NXV conversion software...go to thinkgeek.com and look under gadgets and watches view the specs for the brando watach and there is a link for the software. reply


07-29-2007 04:13 AM

This one’s SMV too. Those that have the NXV could try play SMV.

This one has difficulties transferring large files. Breaking into several smaller files goes OK.


ffmpeg.exe reply


01-02-2008 10:43 PM

just for information, that crappy NXV-format uses uncompressed video; that’s the reason why they’re so big.. reply


06-03-2008 03:15 PM

The video is basically uncompressed during the file conversion instead of during playback on the watch because decoding/decompressing video is a pretty intensive process. Either the hardware is limited or this was done to increase battery life. reply


11-12-2008 03:16 AM

I like this watch ALOT, it fits about 2 movies on 2 gigs and is very “sleek” and HEY! its a watch! dont expect to fit 11 tv shows and 3 movies on it! it IS a WATCH! dont think that it will be the new revolution and because it is a watch it wont be soooo remarkable! reply


11-12-2008 03:18 AM

ALSO! when i downloaded that video converter it made my 432mb mp4 video into a 563 mb .nxv file...? i thuoght it was going to be like 1 gig??? reply


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