NEED HELP MAC COMP. >DAV FILES need to view copy for domestic violence case so i

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I’m attaching two files from police of husband beating me .dav file, i have mac need help!!!
NEED HELP MAC COMP. >DAV FILES need to view copy for domestic violence case so i
I got a cd from the police station after release state evidence but the it contained just files


can someone please convert them for me so I can view them on my mac air newest version. I am sufering from ptsd from 8 years of abuse and corersion and I cant even leave my apartment during the day.

HES BEEN CONVICTED for Domestic violence and has previous drug charges all in nh .
I have been through hell and back so he wouldn’t get away with it. WE got married and I moved to NH gave up my life career and everything I own because we had everything there, from la and ny, I had been suffering from abuse and ptsd since 2004 from him and its been documented through the state. I got stuck in NH because if I left iwould not be able or allowed to testify.
I support this man for 9 years and he will not stop because he always gets away with it. And he stole my dog too.
So i cant attach it as a image file but if someone can do it I can email it to them.
I just need someone to email the files so I can veiw them please.
Thank you . K reply

02-11-2012 03:52 PM
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thanks but no body seems to get back to me. reply

02-12-2012 02:13 PM
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