help playing .mkv files

08-10-2006 10:29 PM

this is my first time ever downloading a .mkb movie.. i downloaded Combined Community Codec Pack and both Windows Media Player and ZoomPlayer dont recognize the file. i used the MatroskaDiag and this is what it said:

Matroska file info : C:\Documents and Settings\user\Shared\[LIME] Elfen Lied\[LIME]_Elfen_Lied_10.mkv
File size : 240.54 MB
TEbmlReader.ReaderHeader : EBML header ID not found (found 0x0)

DirectShow RenderFile check :
Matroska Splitter : Gabest’s Matroska Splitter

Installed : no
Can be created : no
Matroska Splitter : Haali’s New Matroska Splitter

Installed : yes, in C:\Program Files\Combined Community Codec Pack\Filters\ (
Can be created : yes
RenderFile with DirectShow : The media type of this file is not recognized. (0x80040240)

DirectShow detailed rendering :
0> MyRenderFile : C:\Documents and Settings\user\Shared\[LIME] Elfen Lied\[LIME]_Elfen_Lied_10.mkv
0> Creation of GraphBuilder : OK
0> Creation of FilterMapper2 : OK
0> Adding graph to ROT : OK
703> Creation of source filter : The media type of this file is not recognized. (0x80040240)

what does this mean?? reply


08-11-2006 07:39 PM

"EBML header ID not found” means your file is broken. reply


08-12-2006 12:50 PM

hay i have mkv movie files ad i cant get them to play in media player wat the deal reply


08-24-2008 06:09 PM

I’m getting this error on a lot of recent posts on usenet.
They unRAR’ed fine, sp the source file must be broken.

Has anoyone alse noticed 'broken' files being uploaded to usenet?
(it’s rather new to me) reply


09-11-2008 08:30 AM

use media player classic, if you have Combined Community Codec Pack then browse its folders, you’ll find it there and its name is mpc reply


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