any1 know a player/codec for .mkv files?!?

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well, Ive been on that side I can listen to the anime, but not seeing anything... reply

07-03-2005 01:24 PM

When you have the full pack installed and cant see video, there is likely too many DirectShow codecs installed on your machine, conflicting with each other.

In this case i recommend VLC 0.8.2 from , as its not DirectShow based and has great matroska support meanwhile.

Its only missing support for Realvideo ( RV9/10 ) in MKV, all other codecs are supported ( especially XviD and DivX, also h.264 ).

matroska project admin reply

HEy....!! I just have a problem with this “damned” codec... I downloaded a serie (slayers georgeous) with a mkv” format,,, but what I need it is to convert it to mpg...
I use tmpg for avi files but this format cause me some troubles... I guess that I have to use VirtualDubMod.. I’ve installed the pack that you mentioned but... it doesn’t work... is there something else that I can do?? reply

07-04-2005 05:22 PM

there is one codec known as realalt129 download it & install then u will get intalled one more player known as media player classic now u can play your mkv files reply

07-04-2005 09:39 PM

HEy....!! I just have a problem with this “damned” codec

... you dont really expect me to help you after this 'friendly opening', do you ?

And matroska is NOT A CODEC !! matroska is a container, it can CONTAIN MANY TRACKS USING VARIOUS DIFFERENT CODECS ... is this so hard to understand ?

Converting MKV files into DVD/S-VCD is still not an easy task, as none of the MPEG conversion tool developers has added support for it yet. TMPG used to work with the DirectShow reader, but only with the old matroska splitter from Gabest, don’t know why. Haali’s splitter, from the new packs, dont work with it.

I believe that many anime release groups are using MKV these days because they are well aware that its not so easy to create freakin DVDs from their work ;) ...

matroska project admin reply

Help! I have trouble loading MKV files into my media player classic. I tried avi files aswell as some others but they don’t have a problem. It’s only the MKV files that screws up, they started to load properly and then when it loads the MKV file it just freezes on me, so i have to restart. Can any tell me what is happening?? reply

07-13-2005 12:05 AM

All I can say personally is that I have tried every single method in this thread for converting & playing, & NONE of them have worked at all. So far, the only way I have been able to play an mkv file is using 2 programs simultaniously: VLC for the audio & Media Player Classic for the video. This method does work, however it is a pain because I have to correspond the audio playback with the video playback.
Is there not a single sure0fire way to get around this?
Any help appreciated reply

07-21-2005 01:12 PM

@ Dethgrip69 :

I assume your MKV contains Realvideo ( RV9/RV10 ) content, thats why VLC cant play it. Reason is, VLC player is all GPL and there are no Realvideo decoder libraries available under this opensource license.

Your only chance to play this file is by M$ DirectShow, using a suitable player. As Media Player Classic will fail on the audio, we have to find out why that is. I assume the DirectShow playback graph is being built, else the video wouldn’t show, but maybe only partially.

There is a special tool by Microsoft to investigate this, it is called 'Graphedit.exe' (google will show where to download it). It needs no installation, just run the .exe and do a 'file' 'render media' on your MKV file that doesnt play. Make a screenshot of your playback graph and send it to matroska-users AT lists DOT matroska DOT org as an JPEG. I am sure we will be able to find out what is wrong on your computer, very likely its just a crappy DirectShow filter you got installed with a strange codec pack, and this one is likely conflicting with the right decoder filter for the audio track in your MKV file.

matroska project admin reply

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to put my mkv files all together,or if I have to at all, I’ve dnld everything from the pack (Matroska) to a few players but nothing works. Also these files are divided i.e. 001,002,003,004 up to 20 files. They’re mkv files as stated in properties but they are also of this type. Can anybody relate to this problem. How do I open these? reply

07-24-2005 06:49 PM

If files from 'somewhere' are divided into so many parts, these are very likely RAR files. Use WinRAR ( its similar to WinZIP ) to recreate the MKV file then.

matroska project admin reply

Thinaks for the tip but they don’t seem to be rar files I tried archiving them as but I know that’s not going to do anything reply

07-24-2005 09:36 PM

Just for the record I was having similar problems with the mkv files that peeps have expressed here and tryed many ways to get it to work, ultimately, i got it 2 work simply by getting Lazy Man’s MKV codec pack - It dodnt work so great in Windows media player, but it works perfectly in BSPlayer. I was shocked. Im running windows xp home edition, should that be relivent. Good luck and I hope this helps. Take care.

First I installed Lazy Man’s MKV codec pack from here: reply

07-30-2005 11:37 PM
The Prince Of New York

I’m having the same problem.The 2 files are both MKV files Ive downloaded everything 3 codecs Dvix and nothing I got it to play but it had no sound.Please help me out reply

08-04-2005 12:58 AM

I got a problem with playing mkv files I’ve tried almost everything. The VLC plays only the sound (tried with different files did’nt work) The Core player doesn’t says there ain’t right tools to decompress with. Classic media player doesn’t allow to change audio-language and VLC and Classic doesn’t work in the same time! So what wrong with this?
(ps. sorry for bad english) reply

08-04-2005 12:52 PM
Angry one

please help i have problem with my mkv codec i only can see the video but cant hear the audio ive try every thing . reply

08-06-2005 12:35 AM

In the natroska full pack 1.1.1 from is a tool included called


You have to tell the codec pack to install it, by ticking it in the setup configuration page during installation. Start the program and run it on your files. It will examine them and find out what filters are missing for playback on DirectShow players like TCMP ( Coreplayer ), Zoomplayer or MPC.

If it doesn’t give you a sensible message, please send the log via emil to matroska-users AT lists DOT matroska DOT org and we care about it.

matroska project admin reply

Problem here, i installed the matroska pack and core media player and when i try to play my mkv file:

TCMP’s core can not render file; cannot play bak file, format not supported.

when i diagnosed it using matroskadiag, gives me this:

TEbmlReader.ReaderHeader : EBML header ID not found (found 0x4BF7)

what should i do? reply

08-06-2005 05:00 AM

If no EBML header is found, the file is either not a true MKV file ( maybe a renamed fake file ? ), or it has been corrupted. Your only chance to fix the file is to try to loat it into mkvmerge/mmg.exe, the best MKV file creation tool.

matroska project admin reply

hmmm i installed 1.1.1 and tried to play the second Inuyasha movie in it (.mkv) it loads, but niothing happens, the slider is still, and there is no audio or video, windows media player 10 reply

08-06-2005 01:03 PM

ok i installed mkv toolnix and now what? i tried to drag the file (.mkv) into the input file but it says file identification failed. how can i fix it? reply

08-07-2005 02:04 AM

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