after installing 1 of 4 CDs, I need to replace a file on the CD1 but can't.

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I was given instructions to download, install, then replace a file on the first CD of a 4 CD set to be able to run it.

My question is how do I replace that file on the first CD? The CD properties says that there is 0 room left but the files only take up 600. I’m guessing that the CD is closed. I’ve tried a CD-RW thinking that i could rewrite it that way but again i says that there is no room left on it.

I’m new and confused. Any help is appreciated. reply

08-08-2007 11:44 PM
Sixth Shepherd

More Info...

I used Alcohol 120% to create the disks. Again, the install went fine but to run the program it needs the original disk 1 in the drive. I’m gussing to create the original CD1, I need to replace the one file. That’s where I’m stuck.

Thanks again. reply

08-08-2007 11:49 PM
Sixth Shepherd


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