playing back video files on i-joy mobiDV

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i been trying to do this for about a year reply

10-30-2005 01:04 AM

Other people have been trying similar attempts with various recorders/cameras. You can kind of skim through this thread to see how it’s evolved

Now I suspect your device probably produces videos different from the Aiptek. The first step would be to find out what the specs of those videos is (file container, audio and video codecs, dimensions, bitrate, sample rate, frame rate, number of channels (mono or stereo), and sometimes size or playing time (some hardware devices won’t play video files over or under certain sizes or durations). Diagnostic utilities such as avicodec ( would probably come in handy for that. Sometimes Media Players will also provide some of that information. Once you find out the specs, you’ll have to find programs that produce video files with the said specs. Feel free to get back to us if you need more assistance. reply

11-02-2005 12:32 PM
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hey, if you figure out how to do it, send me and email. i also have been trying reply

11-08-2005 01:08 AM

i can do this perfectly i’ll show you how
if someone replys reply

12-26-2005 05:59 PM

hey, how did you do it? all i’ve been trying is....downloading diff. mpeg converters and trying, kinda hit and miss but it’s all I could think of.
hopefully you can help thanks reply

12-27-2005 11:37 AM

I’d really like to know, too! I’ve been hitting my head against the computer monitor trying to figure out how to put my videos onto my i-Joy MobiDV H12. A little help, please? reply

12-27-2005 06:11 PM

im trying to use the mp3 but i dont know how to get the music onto the i-joy. reply

12-29-2005 10:26 AM

Um, no offense, but are you kidding me? It’s like easier than making a sandwich. If you really don’t know, I suggest reading the instruction manual that came with it. Really, I’m not trying to sound rude, but I just can’t believe you don’t know how to put MP3’s on your i-Joy. Michel, here’s what you do. Go into 'My Computer' and double-click on the image that says 'Removable Drive' (the letter assigned to it is probably either E or F, depending on how many disc drives you have). You should see a folder named 'DCIM.' Double-click on that folder, and you should see another folder named '100AXH10.' This is where you need to copy and paste all your files to, not just MP3’s but all of your movie files and pictures that you want to access on the i-Joy. As you can tell, a couple of us are still waiting for kozmo to expalin to us how to put movie files onto the i-Joy for viewing, so don’t even ask me how to put movie files onto it. Just check back on this thread every so often; hopefully kozmo adds a post. Good luck, if you still have problems with your MP3’s, say so and I’ll try to help you out. reply

12-29-2005 07:52 PM

Speaking of which, c’mon kozmo, respond please!!! I’m like dying to do watch movies on my i-Joy. reply

12-29-2005 07:55 PM

hey kozmo, u posted that a couple days ago, and like 2 ppl replied already. wait make it 3, cuz now i’m replying. tell us how to do it! i don’t have an i-joy whatever-it-is, but my digital camcorder uses the exact same files as the i-joy. reply

12-30-2005 12:22 AM

come on man reply

01-01-2006 03:25 AM

I got this thing for xmas. The mp3 is in the write location, i’ve tried several but using the one per this thread right now.

Once I transfer the mp3 to the ijoy and unplug it, it says “no file” in mp3 mode. I looked it up in the manual and it helpfully says “no files are available to play”

Anyone give me advice or point me towards a more helpful manual? reply

01-02-2006 08:46 AM

@ Brett:
Are you sure you put the files inside the 100AXH10 folder? Maybe I wasn’t specific enough when explaining where they MP3’s should go. You should have to go into 2 folders (DCIM and then 100AXH10). So pretty much just keep opening every folder until there aren’t any more folders to open, then put your files in that location (which is inside the 100AXH10 folder). If that still doesn’t work, are you sure your files are really MP3’s and not another format such as WMA? I know that might sound like a dumb question, but it’s always good to make sure. Again, if you still can’t get them to play, may I ask what bitrate you have on your MP3’s?
Oh, and get this: I figured out how to play videos!!! I’ll post again in a little bit, but I need to find a couple links for some applications you’ll need to download to do this first. Check back everyone!!! reply

01-02-2006 08:19 PM

Here’s how to get videos onto your i-Joy MobiDV H12. Is your adrenaline running yet?
Download 3GP Converter at: and make sure to unzip it.
Download at: and unzip it to the 3GP_Coverter031 sub-folder called 'default_setting.'
I need to mention here that the file I converted was originally a MPG file, so if you have any other type of file, I’m not sure how it will turn out (but please try anyway, it could work...I know AVI files work, too).
Now you need to run the 3GP 'Setup' application. Change the language to English, and choose the 'General: 7-in-1 Stickcam by Lifestyle' option. Click the 'Apply' button. Another window appears. Click 'Select' and specify where you want the converted video to be stored. Now find your video file, then drag and drop it to the white box in 3GP. The conversion will start instantly. Rename the file to file0001 provided you have no other videos currently stored on your SD card. If you do, check the filename, and name your converted file accordingly. For example, if you have 5 videos on your card, they are all named file0001 through file0005. In this case, you would then need to rename your converted video to file0006. It is very important that you do this, becuase if not, the i-Joy will not even recognize it being there. Now copy and paste your newly converted video file inside the folder called 100AXH10, which is inside the DCIM folder, which is found inside 'Removable Drive' in 'My Computer.' It’s the exact same place where you would store your MP3’s or anything else.
Hopefully this works for everyone. Please post your results, and explain what happens. If you have problems, post them as well!
Big thanks goes out to Kingbee and Spin for making all this possible. reply

01-02-2006 10:22 PM

Make sure you use version 3.1 of 3GP Converter. I tried version 3.4 (with 7 in 1) and it would not work. Downloaded 3.1 and works great. reply

01-03-2006 08:03 PM
Brian 43

Okay, now that ^^ I didn’t know. Thanks for posting that, Brian 43. Out of curiosity, what type of file did you convert? reply

01-03-2006 10:34 PM

MPEG and AVI. Didn’t seem to matter what type I converted with 3.4. Ran thru Stoik and set to the noted size and bit rates. Nothing worked. With 3.1 have converted MPEG and AVI’s - both worked with no prior conversion - still need to try WMV’s reply

01-04-2006 05:57 PM
Brian 43

I was successful implementing the steps described by sean and got video playing on the camera. Thanks! I have a couple follow-up questions, though.
(1) The audio in the .asf files seem to have clicking and popping noises throughout. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a workaround?
(2) I have noticed a fairly consistent file size around 5MB/minute of video, regardless of the level of compression I use on the video files before they are converted to .asf. Does anyone know how to get smaller file sizes? Sacrificing some video quality is ok. reply

01-07-2006 05:09 AM

thanks for the info sean, i got to the thing after DCIM but lik where do u paste ur music files nd how

p.s i have windows xp reply

01-07-2006 01:37 PM
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@ jeremy12345: Right now, I’m not sure how to get rid of the clicking/popping noises in the background. I’m sure it has something to do with the codec 3GP uses to convert the file (which can be changed) but as I’m not well versed in the program, I’m not really sure how to get it to convert to another audio format. And no, there really is no way to make the file sizes smaller than what they are without creating video that might as well be called a glorified slide show. As it is, the files being created by 3GP are already running at 15 FPS, which is a pretty slow frame rate for the i-Joy. Really the best thing you could do (if you haven’t already) would be to invest in a larger capacity SD card, such as 512 MB or better yet, 1 GB. As the 1 GB cards are a little pricey though (upwards toward $100; $20 - $30 less on eBay), I suggest you just get a 512 MB card. That should be big enough for an entire movie.
@ sk8tin4life: I thought I already made this as easily understandable as possible 3 posts ago; apparently not. For that, I apologize. Let’s try this again: When you see the folder named 'DCIM,' double-click on it, thus opening that particular folder. You will see another folder named '100AXH10.' Do the same thing to this folder, open it by double-clicking on it. Leave this window open. Now, go find the location of your MP3’s. When you find a file you would like to put on your i-Joy, right-click on it. You should see a drop-down menu listing a whole bunch of stuff. Go down the drop down menu until you find the word 'Copy.' Click on it. Now go back into that other window you left open, '100AXH10,' and put your mouse arrow somewhere in that window. Right-click again, and find the word 'Paste' in the drop-down menu. Click on it. You will probably see a little window pop up that says “Copying file (insert file name) from (insert folder name) to 100AXH10." You should see a progress bar in that window showing how much of the file is copied/left to be copied. When that window disappears, you will now see the MP3 file you want to listen to pop up inside the '100AXH10' folder. Repeat the necessary steps to put multiple MP3’s on the i-Joy at once. That whole process I just described is considered as “copying and pasting." I’m assuming you didn’t know how to do this, since I’m sure you would have figured it out by now if you had. And remember people, when in doubt READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL THAT CAME WITH YOUR DEVICE!!! I really, really hope you all know how to do this now, because if you don’t, I honestly don’t know what else to tell you except to go take a computer literacy course at your local library or something. reply

01-10-2006 03:48 AM

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