Need a Software to convert avi to ISO MPEG-4 Encoded ASF file


I’m using a mp4 player and i have a software which is MediaConverter from ARCSOFt, but the problem is that to convert a file to ISO MPEG-4 Encoded ASF file, it is too slow so i need a software to convert any format such as avi, wmv mpeg to ISO MPEG-4 Encoded ASF file which is a bit fast to convert the files.

Please i really need your help.

Stephanehl reply

08-09-2006 01:06 AM
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Late, but better late than never...
You should check the specs of the so-called “ISO MPEG-4 ASF file” with avicodec, because there’s two type.
MP4S: Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 Version 1
M4S2: Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 Version 1.1
They’re not the same. If it’s the first, try following this long thread on the topic (makes use of Windows Media Encoder).
If it’s M4S2, I don’t think there’s any program that can produce it on the fly (except perhaps ffmpeg), but you can following this humongous thread for people who tried to produce M4S2 (among other) for their Aiptek Cameras. reply

07-22-2007 04:46 AM
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arcsoft Media Converter 2 reply

03-16-2009 11:45 AM

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