Windows Movie Maker problems... unable to save the compilation i've made to a movie!

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Sighhhh, WWM is really jibbed. Fucking pisses me off so badly, I can save my movie into .wmv etc EXCEPT DV-AVI WHEN I WANT IT TO. Says I don’t have enough space for a 750mb vid when i have 42gigs spare on my HDD. I even shortened the project till it had only one 2 second clip with the audio.. still didn’t fucking work. When i took out the audio it worked.. tried saving with only half the original video with no audio.. OMFG it did not work. GAHH I can save another project into a movie which is even larger than 750mb in avi format perfectly fine. Just this god damn project i’m working on is being gay! reply

07-07-2008 09:38 AM

Windows movie maker?

more like windows movie suck ma bawls

oh did i mention windows movie maker suck complete fucking dick shit out of my ass fucking balls reply

07-08-2008 12:27 PM
Bill Gay tus

DAMNIT i made a 6 min movie in wmm but now i can’t save the movie i had put alot of time in it tried alot of things searched on sites but din’t work FUCK WINDWOS MOVIE MAKER damnit gotte make it all over again reply

07-20-2008 07:51 PM

Yeah. Movie Maker is horrible. I can save movies that have 3 clips, but any more than that and I get “Not enough storage”.. Even though I have 14 gigabytes left on my harddrive, and most of my RAM free.

I’m hoping that it isn’t my computer. reply

07-24-2008 08:34 PM

AMMMM movie maker is shit put it that way its to fucked up like the person who made the fucking thing thanks for shit.... reply

07-28-2008 09:54 AM

hey i same problem soenst wanan save at all omg minuites go to 1000 but nothing change!!! reply

08-10-2008 01:55 PM

Hi Andrea, I’m having the same problem as you, did you find a solution to overcome this problem? Regards Cheryl.

Andrea wrote:
In re: to the movie maker, I too am having problems only after almost through with all the transitions and freezes up the whole computer...have to alt delete....some of the time it will come back mostly recovered..but this last time, after working for 2 hours...I lost the whole slide show movie I had updated; however, still have the original one..but made lots of changes, now can’t remember what I did!
Is it just my computer (relatively new) or is there a glitch in the program?????


08-16-2008 09:28 PM

i am havin the same problem i have a lot of good movies i have made on - windows movie maker but unable to upload them to youtube it says they need to be in WMV format but how do you do that :S ? Can anybody explain please ? reply

08-27-2008 02:35 PM
vey confusedd

Me too. Mine encountered a problem while I was making a video to upload. I kept trying but it keeps coming up. I was trying it again just now. it was still the same. reply

08-30-2008 11:36 AM

Yep im havin that problem, ya kno it plays so nice on the project preview. its about 5:07:13 mins long, and thats not that big, i save it, takes bout 10 mins or so, then when i play it back on windows media player, it will play awhile, act kinda funny like wont play as good as it did on the project, then it freezes on a picture, but keeps playin the music till the very end! I think its best if theres a way to save the “PROJECT” to another movie maker thing, and see what happens but not sure how to do that, all i can say is i aint wasting my 2 in 1/2 days work jus becuz wmm sucks dck! reply

09-18-2008 01:35 PM

Windows movie maker has to be #1 on microsoft’s most fucked up softwares to date. looks like a bunch of shitty no good programmers working part time in a sweat shop in a third world country put together this scum to completely fuck up people’s lives. I wish whoever is behind this rots in hell.
Movie maker has fucked me over so many times now. I think this is it! I am switching to a Mac! reply

09-24-2008 02:00 AM

Windows Movie Maker is a complete waste of time. I have spent two entire days just trying to get it to work. Half way through the process it freezes and takes approx ten mins to add a transition to each individual photo each time. The program should not be allowed to be distributed!!!! It is a poor program! Here is an opening for a computer whizz to show his stuff..come on guys..surely you could develope something better than this?! reply

09-24-2008 07:43 PM
Frustrated to the core

i’m having the same exact problem. i have no idea what to do. i can’t download anything new because there isn’t enough space on my computer. does anyone know if there is something i can use that doesn’t require a download???? please help! reply

09-27-2008 05:51 PM

OMFG! This really is just shit. Spend and hour faffing and then the cakky piece of shite wont save for you. You have no disk space to save this 20K file .... please reboot and install sommit that works! reply

09-27-2008 07:57 PM
Billy Bob Junior

help! i created a vid thats 3 min long and when i save it
and saves up to 6%but the etimate min thing number goes up can any1 help

all the way to 3956 mins remaining reply

10-05-2008 02:44 PM

I found that changing the setting to save it in DV-AVI(NTSC) lets you save it fine and upload it anywhere.

(My only problem with it now is that the first 5 seconds of the movie the sound skips on and off making it sound like I was muting and unmuting it really fast T-T) reply

Fuck Windows Movie Maker. It is a piece of shit program that fucks up for no reason. It can play the movie I edited just fine, but when I go to publish it, it crashes. Stupid fucking piece of shit. Free programs out there do better than this billion dollar piece of maggot infested rat feces. reply

10-15-2008 01:26 PM

l too am having the same problems now,,l found it started when l put in a new burner and the nero program is what started my problems,,since installing it,,movie maker and other programs like my fire wall are all reacting differently,,not starting or freezing mid process,,l thought it might have something to do with the trial products it runs when you install also wiped out my photoshop..has anyone else recently installed new hardware from nero and had the same problems...*lix* reply

10-27-2008 08:28 AM

ya fukin media player is a piece of shit and that bonus pack is for xp not vista... all windows wants is to make as much money as quickly as they can without actually givin a shit about if their customers can use it or not and its fukin bull shit.hours fuckin wasted and will bill gates ever see this or give a shit???hell fuckin no. reply

11-12-2008 04:59 PM
fukd up

I am using WMM for many years. Many problems read here I found a way to solve. I had and I have problems but with a bit of patience I solved some . My solutions are not perfectly correct but ... they worked.
Example : Some time I had to edit a movie of 100 Mb and saving it as " for computer " ( it could be more convenient to do first in this way and then after saved, with another program , I use NERO burning , to put it on a DVD ) suddenly it comes out " not enough memory to save " .
Well, what I do is this. I open another account on my PC . I share with this account only few indispansible programs and in " shared files " I put all the material WWM on which I am working . I did this several time and it worked ... don' t ask me why or how because I don’t know .
Occasionaly , when you see that your bloody WMM is “ok” SAVE all the configuration system of your PC.( Open the window " utilities " of your PC ). In this way if later or in the days next when you want to edit another video “something " ( because of different video files you put together for your new video, or maybe a program which goes on conflict with WMM ) compromise the use of the program , you go back to the last computer configuration saved ( in utilities of the PC ) and WMM will go back to the previous settings eliminating the troubles . I used this " method " when, at moment to save the work , on the screen came out an absurd time required to save it ( i.e. 2935467892 minutes ! )
Any way I hope I have been of some help , I still have other kind of problems with this " bloody trap " called WMM. - Muel - Italy reply

11-14-2008 08:20 AM
Muel - Verona - Italy

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