how do i burn a .mkv file to DVD?

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have you guys tried DVD santa 4? it works fine for me. with subtitles too!

We will check this very soon, and if this is true i owe you a BIG Bavarian beer :) ! Thanks for trying this.

I wonder why the DVD Santa guys didn’t inform us about this ? They will get a lot of additional exposure now, if this is true that is, as we will link to them from our homepage and has a nice number of unique hits today, and many are searching for a MKV --> DVD conversion tool.

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09-22-2005 01:14 AM
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i want to follow chippu’s guide but i don’t understand how to extract the audio track as a M4a file? can anybody give a more in dept guide to chippu’s ? reply

10-01-2005 12:41 PM

try this one. first download these softwares. you need the matroska pack also.

download dvdsanta4 full version here:

download MKVExtractGUI here:

what this software does is it extracts video, audio and subtitles. all you need is the subtitles with and extension of .srt

now you extracted the subtitles

open dvd santa 4 -

load the mkv file there and under subtitle choose extracted subtitle then youre all set

it worked for me, and the matroska file i converted was a hard one. virtualdubmod cant even open it. goodluck!!! reply

10-03-2005 01:39 PM

i wanted to know how to put a film on to disc i am useing wimamp it will let me do music but it wont let me do any films reply

10-04-2005 12:17 PM
philip marshall

hi i’m pt and i try to download fullmetal alchemist other file are realone and there other file are i don’t know but i look at the properties and it say tpye of file is mkv file and i change it to realone but it still say mkv file and i don’t know what to do and i want to burn it down into cd-r please help me please thank you reply

10-08-2005 04:19 PM
P t

All your Answers for converting Mkv to AVI is in here reply

10-11-2005 03:03 AM

All your Answers for converting Mkv to AVI is in here

Thank god this nonsense thread was closed .....

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I have downloaded ranma 1/2. It work perfect with vlc player.
But then when I wanted to burn it on dvd I’ve had a problem: when I tryed to open the mkv-file on avi2dvd I’d get the error: “Invalid floating point operation”...
Can anyone tell me what that means and more inportant: How can I help it??

I’ve hope somebody knows the anser??
Thanks anyway reply

10-17-2005 05:41 PM

The only software that can convert MKV file 2 DVD is DVD Santa vers 4. reply

For converting MKV files to DVD, try this Guide

and please send reports how it worked to

matroska-users AT lists DOD matroska DOT org

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10-30-2005 05:08 PM
Restaurant Furniture

just downloaded dvd santa 4 and tried to add movie of howls moving castle.mkv but it says unable to open file??? anyone know why?
i have the full version of it? (dvd santa 4)all i want to do is convert this so i can put it onto a dvd player, its in japanese but with english subtitles. this is giving me a HUGE headace! :( reply

12-15-2005 06:41 PM

@ saj :

you understand you can only open the MKV file with DVDSanta if you can play it with Windows Mediaplayer ? Is this the case ?

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i have downloaded your matroska pack. i have media player 10 and the movie’s will not show up in that. But i have mplayer classic just like you recommended and it plays fine in that. the matroska pack i have installed comes with
2.ffdshow audio
3.haali media splitter
i have dvd santa 4 build 6001 installed PLUS winavivideo convertor version 7.1?
ALSO have MKVextractGUI-1.5.5 but not sure where it goes?
funny thing happend aswell...i just playing the movie files with mplayer classic just as before but this time i dont get any subtitles appearing on the screen? not with howl’s moving castle or steamboy? they defo had them before??? any suggestions as to why this happened?
ChristianHJW if you could help me it would be great, im at my wits end here!!!! i’ve had these files since last week and all i wanna do is watch these on a normal dvd player so the rest of the family can watch these amazing movies.?

ps....i can change the audio lanugage in mplayer classic from jap to english which seems to work fine? never noticed this before. reply

12-16-2005 05:29 PM

@ saj

Media Player Classic does have a matroska parser built in, so its a MUST that the files will play in Windows Mediaplayer. Search for 'mplayer2.exe' on your C drive, thats good old WMP 6.4, thats being shipped with every Windows OS still.

DVD Santa 4 will only work, when you manage to be able to play the MKV files in WMP 6.4. If it can’t play your MKV’s, we have to find out why that is.

There is a tool called matroskadiag.exe, coming in the full pack. Run it on your MKV file and send me the log of the parsing process by email to matroska-users AT lists DOT matroska DOT org .
I’ll have a look and tell you what might be wrong here.

Another important tool for all DirectShow stuff is 'graphedit.exe' , from Microsoft. Google for it, and run a 'render media file' on your MKV. Send me a screenshot of the graph with the log above, if possible.

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ok mate will do that. reply

12-18-2005 02:18 PM

I have tried almost every trick you guys have given me, but still no dice. The problem may be that the video stream is MPEG-4 format, perhaps. I haven’t seen anything concerning it, it is always .avi file that is being opened.

I have the matroska packs as well as the media player 6.4. The video plays but lags behind the sound, I assume because the file is quite large(3.8G at 1280x720 too much for my processor? - Athlon 2600/512 Mb/64M vid card). I also DL’ed VLC, Zoomplayer, and The Core MP. I have added the Real Alternative files and updated my codec files.

I have tried using Virtualdubmod, which will parse the file but not open it, TMPGEnc 2.524 won’t open it at all, and mkvextractgui will open it but says it will only extract real video or avi compatible files. I don’t want to buy DVD Santa 4 just to see it fail as well. So the question is: am I just screwed until someone makes a commercial .mkv to DVD program?

BTW if someone did make such a program, I am at the point of being willing to pay, oh say, $15 U.S. for said program. reply

12-25-2005 02:54 PM


I have tried to convert the .mkv files with virtualdub mod. Perfest picture and sound quality after direct stream copy to .avi. My problem is a have no subtitles on the .avi. Any sugestions?

Thanxs. reply

12-27-2005 02:08 AM

ok i tried using virtual dub mod but its givin me errors on stuff about subtitles and video issues so if somebody could plz give me more specific advice i am trying to burn some anime episodes i download to a dvd its in english/japanese with 2 sets of subtitles. i want to burn it to a DVD for a friend but my dvd maker cant convert the .mkv files without getting an erorr. reply

12-27-2005 10:41 AM

@ Iggywatt :

I don’t want to buy DVD Santa 4 just to see it fail as well. So the question is: am I just screwed until someone makes a commercial .mkv to DVD program?

No problem here, there is a free trial version of DVD Santa. Just use it to check if conversion will run fine for your MKV file. The final version is only 50,- US$ afaik, thats quite reasonable IMO.

BTW, it likely contains H-DTV h.264 (AVC) in a kind of test version, i have never ever came across such a high resolution to be honest. Yes, its possible that your CPU is not strong enough to decode this in real time. I’d love to get my hands on this file, to see if my XP64 3400 can cope wiht it :D

@ necron :

I have tried to convert the .mkv files with virtualdub mod. Perfest picture and sound quality after direct stream copy to .avi. My problem is a have no subtitles on the .avi. Any sugestions?

AVI can hold both SRT and SSA subtitles, but not vobsub subtitles. If this is the case, VirtualdubMod should complain with an error message like 'Only S_TEXT supported ..' or the like. You can try avimux GUI from for conversion of the MKV into AVI, if it fails, the type of subtitles is not supported in AVI and you are forced to use MKV if you want them.

@ cloud_238 :

Do you mind reading here before asking other people to help you ?

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