Burnt DVD's keep freezing when i play them.....pleaze help

06-26-2005 10:34 PM
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Everytime i burn a dvd and i play it it freezes up for a few seconds and then continues playing, it does this like 3-4 times through the movie.. I use dvd decryptor to put it on the computer and dvd shrink to shrink it to a 4.7 GB DVD to burn the movie onto the dvd....is it the program or am i doing something wrong??? reply


07-14-2005 07:22 PM
Huntz Hall

same thing has happened to me....but no reply(ies)....its well within the 120 minute time allotment so its not that.....mine freezes & locks.... I have to remove the burned DVD & start all over....sometimes it freezes in different spots on the DVD...I dunno why!? reply


07-15-2005 12:33 AM

Choppy FPS or freezed video is not a codecs problem.It’s related to your computer performance CPU speed and the size of RAM.Low frames per second video need a lot of work to be converted and a big RAM is a must.A decent RAM is around 512 mb better a GB also a faster CPU.Pinnacle Studio or Roxio Easy Creator limit the speed of CPU at 1.5 Ghz so as you see is more a budget problem than a technical one. reply


07-15-2005 09:20 PM

I finally figured out the problem, it was the programs i was using. I downloaded the DVD Fab and used it instead of using the DVD Decrytor and the DVD Shrink, and I had no problems with the DVD Fab, it came out perfect... reply


10-08-2005 11:01 PM

There are 2 things that may help. Enable DMA on the drive, if not already done (usually default in windows xp unless you have had errors, then it switches itself into PIO mode). Also you can try to increase the virtual memory, so that when you
run out of ram the PC has enough HD space allocated to hold the data, usually 1 GB will be fine. reply


08-13-2006 05:21 PM

i have the same problem every dvd i burn freezes 3-4 times
on playback IE: pc dvd players Platstation
I use nero 7, dvd shrink ,dvd decrypter,dvd to one all with the same results.
tryed lots of defferent media to no effect ???????? reply


09-06-2006 12:18 AM
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I use Alcohol 120% to burn DVD with 256MB RAM i don’t have this kind of problem reply


04-13-2008 10:33 AM

hi its taken me 2 weeks but i finally found a converter to be able to download and burn my dvds but when played on dvd player they constantley freeze but they play fine on the pc media player can some one help me,is it something to do with me having very little space left on hard drive. reply


10-17-2009 03:10 PM

old post i know but still could be useful to answer so here it is. I had the same problem. I uninstalled a few things and it stopped. I had codecs from different places and a few players. I removed all but the K lite codec pack and Ffdshow which comes with Media Player Classic. so I have that and win media Player installed . Removed Itunes and Real Player as real gave me problems always.
Now As far as I can tell so far I have no freezing problems. reply


04-29-2010 06:14 AM

Ihavent found the soluition yet but have narrowed it down to the mp3 tracks used in videos reply


12-24-2012 09:20 PM

i have 18 gigs ram. on a quad core 4.2ghz cpu. i still get this with sony media dvd’s. so anoying reply


01-27-2013 02:11 PM

Some of the DVD’s I burn freeze. If you look at the disc, you can see the skip in the burn. This doesn’t hapen on all, just some. reply


09-16-2014 10:20 AM
Emma Tennant

This is currently happening to me. It works on my laptop but on the DVD, bits work and then it freezes for ages and then skips a bit. Does anyone know how to help? reply


09-23-2014 12:11 PM

There are three reasonable culprits here:
1. The Media
2. The Burning Machine
3. The Reading Machine

Usually media faults are visible as differences (skips) in the burnt surface.

Faulty burners usually reveal themselves as rainbowlike differences (alternating dark/light bands) in the burn surface.

Failing readers show no outward signs. They simply refuse to play discs properly. This usually shows first in burned media because the burning is less pristine than the pressing on a bought DVD. reply


02-24-2015 04:18 PM
focus fotos

Hi I am having this problem burning movies with pinnacle it started with pinnacle hd 14 I upgraded to pinnacle 16 upgraded ram for 4gigs to 8 gig I upgraded the graphics card from a 512mb to a 2gb 128 bit still freezing in 4 places... reply


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