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03-25-2005 02:34 AM

Hey I was just wondering If i have my .VOB files and info files and all if I burn em to a blank dvd just with no special software will it work on my ps2 or dvd? or do i need one of those like nero and choose vcd’s and all those other options, if so which one is it?


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03-25-2005 08:21 AM
movie pirate

its much easier if you convert the *vob files to .avi files and the you go on to www.downloads.com and find the cyber power2go tool but you also have to splitt the movie on to 2 discs but it turns out to be excellent quality reply


03-25-2005 02:30 PM

I thought DVD players or PS2’s in this case didn’t play AVI Files?

What happens if I use Windows explorer to burn the .VOB files to a Blank DVD? will it work on my ps2 or DVD player? reply


03-28-2005 05:13 PM

dvd shrink....will burn ur dvd....into 1 big file reply


03-28-2005 05:18 PM

So if I burn the .vob files into a blank dvd they won’t work on my ps2 right?

Only way out is converting the .vob files to avi files? if so.. will a Super VCD work in my ps2?

and what about the .IFO and .BUP files? reply


03-31-2005 09:59 AM

vcd and svcd do not work in ps2 and most dvd players, so dont bother use dvdshrink and download nero (latest version), all plain sailing

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04-01-2005 05:48 PM

i think they read what you posted incorrectly...
you want to take vob files etc. and make a dvd with them (not a vcd), right?
i dont know a whole lot, but one thing you need to be sure of, is that your using the right kind of recordable media for your dvd player. i have an older dvd player that only reads dvd-r/cd-r recorded discs, i didnt know that and ended up wasting 4 dvd+r discs before realizing the mistake i had made.
what i did to make a working dvd is (and i dont guarantee it will work as ive only tryed it on one film):
i had a dvd “orgasmo” and was tired of manually choosing widescreen over fullscreen,
so i ripped just the widescreen version out of the dvd. so i then had the “video_ts.bup”, “video_ts.vob”, “video_ts.ifo”, etc files all in the same directory/folder...
well, i then downloaded the program “dvdsanta”, choosing the option in the program titled “dvd image or dvd video folder to dvd” and located the floder containing all the files, i then located the “video_ts.ifo” file and clicked on the open button, the rest is self explainatory.
you can also use ImgTool in a similar way.
or you can use UltraISO to create your own iso first, which can be burned with any program that burns iso’s, but that would be making an extra step that isnt needed.
to do that in UltraISO:
go to file>new>dvd image, and find the “video_ts.ifo” file. choose to create a standard iso, then burn with the program of your choice!
both ways worked for me to make a dvd that works in my computer and home dvd player (a toshiba sd-2710) reply


04-01-2005 05:52 PM

Thank you.. I kinda give up after getting all these answeres that didn’t explain what I wanted to know lol I’ll try that since I don’t have many DVD’s to waste...

just in case I got it wrong..? I burn the iso with all those files into a blank dvd right? lol

AltorSupport is my AIM.. ill be out 2nite but we can talk later or tomorrow

Thanks Again,

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04-03-2005 06:57 AM

Of note: I’ve only tryed to burn a DVD from VOB about 4 times total (I also dont have many blank DVDs to waste). Having said that, I didn’t try burning a DVD using every combination of the programs and DVD formats.
Here is what I did do on my first try on my quest to make a DVD that worked in my DVD player:
I created a ISO from the VOBs using UltraISO (as described in my above post) then burned the ISO to a blank DVD+R disc using “Nero Burning ROM 6.6” (Any burning ROM supporting ISO format works to burn to a blank DVD).
The resulting disc played perfectly on my computer and also on my friends DVD player, but not on my DVD player, which would’t read the disc.
So, I tryed two other programs:
“dvdSanta 4.0.0” & “ImgTool Burn 1.1.9”
Both programs burned directly from the VOB files to DVD, saving me a step.
For my first attempt with both programs, I again used a DVD+R disc, and both finished discs still didn’t work on my DVD player, but they did work on my comp and friends DVD player.
I finally realized the reason was because my DVD player only reads DVD-R discs....Stupid me, I had used the wrong DVD format and didnt realize it.
So I tryed two more times to burn a DVD, I used each program once and used DVD-R discs.
Both discs work on all devices!
Long reply I know :D, but I figured it was best just to explain to you the experience I had so you could take what info you wanted from it. You should see if your Playstation reads DVD-Rs, DVD+Rs, or both formats, then burn using the better supported format.
Good Luck! Let me know if it works for you. reply


04-11-2005 03:54 PM

PS2 does in fact read dvd+r discs, in case you were wondering reply


04-14-2005 07:31 AM

What I did was use Nero Express. In the first menu of the program it has an option 'Burn DVD from DVD Video files' or something like that. Once you get it all going and it wants the files to burn, just drag all your .vob, .ifo and .bup files into the window. Nero automatically creates a DVD-player compatible file system on the DVD and sorts the files for you if needed.

If the total size of the files is much more than 4.5GB you will need to use DVD Shrink on them to burn them to a normal DVD or get one of the new double layered burners ($80 but disks cost more).

Since I don’t have a double layered (9.4GB) burner, I rip the movies using DVD Shrink to make sure they will fit on the old (4.7GB) DVDs I must use(I believe you need both DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter installed, but then DVD Shrink actually decrypts automatically while it’s compressing the video, so you never actually need to run Decrypter).

Happy burning! reply


04-14-2005 07:39 AM

As an afternote, yes, most DVD players will handle .avi, .mpg, .mp3 etc. I have no idea what a PlayStation will play... I don’t recommend converting files unless you have a real need though. A loss of quality is the result every time you convert files between formats. If you want all your ripped movies to stay handy on your hard drive, yeah you need to compress them and change format. With the price of DVD’s being about 30 cents nowadays, there is no longer any need to compress a whole bunch of them and burn them to one disk. It’s a waste of time. reply


04-20-2005 03:33 PM

I have converted some rmvb files to dvd (vob files) and I want to burn these on to one dvd. Do I need all the files (bup, ifo) or I can I just copy the vob files? I want the dvd to play in my dvd player so that each files play automatically. reply


04-21-2005 06:54 PM

As a reply to ffoeg:
Look man, i downloaded only the .VOB files...
no .ifo and no .bup

How can i burn the .vob files so that thay will automatically play whan i insert the disc into my DVD player?
Because whan i try to burn only the .vob files the “nero” doesn’t let me... reply


04-27-2005 07:46 PM

never been in that situation. did you try it in nero? and dvd shrink? dvd shrink has re-authoring capabilities, but may not be able to handle that one. umm, go to cnet and do a search in downloads for VOB2IFO and see if they got anything like that... if not, try renaming them .mpg and burn it like that. most computers/players will open files of certain extensions only, and then will actually play them according to whats in the headers INSIDE the files anyway. This will be my last reply cause i’ve never (nor do i want to) try this... reply


04-30-2005 04:24 AM
Kees Klef

When I was a novice at this, I noticed that when you use Nero Burning Rom to burn the ifo/vob/etc to dvd you don’t want to start your project with: create new dvd-iso. Not all home dvd players can play that result. At least my Kenwood didnt. To avoid problems allways choose dvd-movie. It’s a small detail, but it cost me a couple of disks to find out.

On what type of disk you should choose: please find the specs of your equipment: not only your burner/player in your computer, but your home dvd player as well.

Last tip: if you have Nero installed and when you use DVD Shrink 3.2 for encrypting original dvds, when you backup DVD Shrink first stores temp.files on your computer and directly afterwards burns them onto your dvd. No extra steps required. You probably need a dvd-player (in which you put the original dvd) and a dvd-burner (in which you put the empty target) to complete this action whithout much changing disks etc etc. (Mechanical) tools are here to help us, not puzzle us.

Have fun waisting your time with this.

:) reply


05-07-2005 04:09 AM
damnation guest

i am trying to convert .vob files into viewable media iside of media centre 2005, i have ripped a dvd to my hard drive in its .vob state, how can i convert this into either a .avi or .mpeg2.

?? reply


05-07-2005 11:07 AM

hi i’ve been making dvd music videos for a while now to veiw the vob files you need to change the .vob to .mpg this will then make them playable in windows media player. have fun with this tip reply


05-07-2005 11:14 AM
damnation guest




05-08-2005 08:13 AM

please reply me if u know anything about this...

like in the perious post ppl have problem with VOB to dvd.. well.. same me...
i have video clip from different dvd and want to burn into one that can play on my dvd player..
i used VOB edit n IFO EDIT.. i created IFO files with IFO edit... n burn it... its works on my pc perfectly lik any other dvd.. but its wont read on my dvd player...

TEACH ME HOW... or just tel me why... >. reply


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