Burning ISO files with DVD protection

Hi am using a Mac

I have copied a DVD using 'Burn' software. I have then burned it onto a blank DVD using 'Burn' software.
- If i put it into the DVD player software on my Mac or in the DVD player connected to the TV it wont work ( appears corrupted).
-If I open it with VCL player as an ISO file it does the same (it appears corrupted).
-If I open it in VCL using the 'open disc' option in the drop down file menu ( and tick the DVD option) it has the same result as the DVD players.
However If I open the file with VCL using the 'open disc' option in the drop down file menu (by ticking the Video TS folder option) it plays perfectly.
1. Does this mean the video protection of the DVD is placed somewhere in the mounting section of the file i.e the part of the file where the software mounts the file?
2. If this is true is there a way to counteract this when burning the file? reply

11-24-2011 11:37 PM

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