Burned DVD working on computer but not DVD player

I have recently copied a disk that works perfectly fine when it is played on the computer. However we have recently bought a Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-EH50 and whenever we play the DVD in this it plays for about 1 second then cuts to the next chapter where it plays for 1 second and so on till it gets to the end when it stops.
Could someone please help me thanks. reply

06-19-2005 12:23 AM
Michael Clarke

1st of all, check if the dvd disc is the right format..that is DVD-R n not DVD+R. reply

06-19-2005 01:03 AM

why does it have be be DVD+R according to the DVD Recorder it can play these disks. reply

06-21-2005 02:25 AM
Michael Clarke

S a reminder 2 U Panasonic DVD player does not play or r incompatible 2/with DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW. It can only play DVD-R n DVD RAM. Do U comprehend Buddy???!!!!!! reply

06-21-2005 05:49 AM

Thats not true as the instructions that came with the burner says it does. So ure of no help at all!!!!!!!!!!!! reply

06-21-2005 06:56 AM
Michael Clarke

Being DVD+R or -R has nothing to do with the problem, I have a desktop player that only plays -R, when I put a +R disk it simply dont play.

I think the problem is the program you used to copy the disk, try to use dvd shrink (it removes all securities the disk may have) or dvd decrypter... reply

06-21-2005 08:27 AM
Supreme Comander Thor

I’m sorry n it’s my fault.
Here r the fact of the player.

Playable Discs DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW(VR Format), +R, +RW, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio,CD-Audio(CD-DA), Video CD,CD-R/RW*(CD-DA, Video CD, MP3, JPEG formatted discs)
Recordable Discs DVD-RAM :Ver.2.0, Ver.2.1 / 3x Speed DVD-RAM Revision 1.0, Ver.2.2/5x Speed DVD-RAM Revision 2.05, DVD-R: 33 for General Ver. 2.0/4x Speed DVD-R Revision1.0, for General Ver.2x/8x Speed DVD-R Revision 3.0 DVD-RW:Ver.1.1, Ver.1.1/2x-SPEED DVD-RW Revision 1.0, Ver.1.2 /4x-SPEED; DVD-RW Revision 2.05+R:3Ver.1.0, Ver.1.1, Ver.1.25
Recording Standards DVD Video Recording Format (DVD-RAM), DVD Video Format (DVD-R, DVD-RW)
Built-in Hard Disk 80GB
Recording Time
XP Mode Approx.17 hours (with built-in hard disc), Approx. 1 hour (with 4.7GB disc)

SP Mode Approx.34 hours (with built-in hard disc) Approx. 2 hours (with 4.7GB disc)
LP Mode Approx.68 hours (with built-in hard disc), Approx. 4 hours (with 4.7GB disc)
EP Mode Approx.142 hours (with built-in hard disc), Approx. 8 hours (with 4.7GB disc) reply

06-21-2005 11:20 AM

Recording Standards DVD Video Recording Format (DVD-RAM), DVD Video Format (DVD-R, DVD-RW) reply

You can play your DVD on a standard DVD player that is connected to your TV. this is bullshit it might play but most of the time it does not work dvds are complacated and are becoming dinosours because of this reason. hope you fucks that came up with all the formats r&r+- and all the other bullshit go broke like the rest of the copyright bullshit that just made the rich richer and the artist losing his or her rights along with the poor bastard that bought a cd or cassette or what ever else that came along the last 50 years or so glad to see the little guy win for a change. reply

01-24-2012 09:52 PM

Mine is doing the same thing so if its the - or + what can we do to fix this problem I’ve been trying this for along time and got so many files that I would like to burn and they just keep adding on so please how can I fix this reply

02-06-2012 03:02 AM

So im trying to rip a previously burned DVD onto my computer it is a Sony DVD+R disc I use the program DVD shrink but it is unable to do it.. any help?! is anyone even up at this time?

02-01-2014 04:41 AM

I have got a tesco DVD+R with 4 burned movies on it but when I put It in normal DVD players it says wrong disc or no data, when I put in my portable DVD player it only brings 2/1 movies on it up but when I put it In my computer it works is there a way we can fix this? reply

02-09-2014 04:29 PM

i burned a dvd with 8x speed on a dvd-r capacity 4.7 gb/16x. it plays on my pc but on the dvd player is says no disc? what’s the reason? it showed as copying data disc while i burned it. reply

05-16-2014 06:31 AM
1 posts

burned dvd working on laptop but not at dvd player , what software i have to download to work same reply

07-06-2014 08:22 AM
vatsal shah

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