burned disc but won't play in media player or nero media player

I have used shrink to backup a dvd which seems to be fine - when i pop the dvd back into my drive the options come up, play with media player, nero media player or power dvd.

Windows media player won’t play and says (from memory) something about not having licence

nero media player plays video but no sound and says i need the dvd plug in

and power dvd doesn’t open at all

any ideas i thought it may be the protection on the original disc so i tried dvd decrypter and then used shrink to open and author the vob file but same thing happens when i try and playback on my dvd rom on pc reply

06-10-2005 05:22 AM

Normally when doing a backup copy of a dvd(unless it’s not that miserable dvd encryption from sony)it can b watch with any dvd rom player. I guess ur problem is the region code compatability issue. Check out this site. It might help U in someway.

DVD Region Code Free - DVD X Ghost - ultimate unprotecting & region-free/code-free software for DVD playback/copy/backup.
www.allformp3.com/dvd-copy-software/ dvd-region-code-free.htm reply

06-10-2005 07:18 AM

hmm well i have the shrink set to 'region free' if thats anything to do with it reply

06-10-2005 07:26 AM

Well I’m lost in word..Shrink has got nothing 2 do with region coding, unless if it not ur dvd rom player compatability issue. Apart from wmp, nero or power dvd, try something new like vlc 4 instance. U can dl vlc at this link.

VLC - the cross-platform media player and streaming server. VLC (initially VideoLAN
Client) is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and ...
If still this doesn’t work 4 U, then I’m sorry n hope that somebody alse can help U out. reply

06-10-2005 07:45 AM

well i also have dvdx platinum installed and when i uninstalled it my movies played fine in media player! reply

06-13-2005 04:08 AM


I also use dvd shrink to burn backup my dvd’s. I only backup the movie and my subtitles, so when I put the dvd in the player it will start at once.

But in my laptop, it is not possible to play my backuped dvd. It is a new 1.8GHz laptop, so it is fast enouth. When I play a Shrinked dvd where I have burned the full dvd with menu’s, then it plays correctly.

Can anyone help me in this issue, because all my backuped dvd is made with only the movie and subtitle.

Benson reply

07-30-2005 07:46 AM

My Windows Media player wont read a disk I just burned. I burned a CD last night and Went to rip it into Media player, but it will not read it, It keeps saying its a blank Disk. I tried all my other burned disks to see if it was just the one CD, but now it keeps reading all my other Burned CD’s as Blank reply

12-08-2008 12:34 PM

After recording DVD with Nero using Mpeg video files, also tried CYBERLINK,the video has a squeeky or rattling kind of sound. any suggestions? reply

10-07-2010 05:59 AM

WTF!? tinhgs cool and all.. but why wouldn’t you just buy a ps3 and use PS3 Media Server.. especially at these prices?? reply

02-24-2012 10:44 PM

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