.bin and .cue files (again)

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12-03-2006 01:41 PM

Just use Nero 6.6. Open Nero and close the box containing the multiple burn types. Then go to the top and choose Recorder then choose Burn Image. Now locate your cue file and double click it. Now choose your burn speed and click burn. Now in the case of a movie bin and cue, just find the program “VCD Gear”. This is a nice utility to convert and burn certain formats. Now open VCD Gear and choose convert BIN to MPG. reply


12-04-2006 09:20 AM

hey jonjon07
i have done the same thing as u said before but it is still asking for the disc 2 which is already in the drive
can u suggest anything
sandhu reply


12-04-2006 02:12 PM

I have a problem I unpacked Need For Speed .tao file and it all went fine, then when I clicked on the setup file in the folder it though it was Dawn of War, and that dvd (the legit version) wasnt even in my drive.

Now it just keeps thinking its a DoW dvd :(

Anyone come across this or know how to resolve it please? reply


12-05-2006 08:09 AM

i have one file bin and one cue how can i burn it? reply


12-05-2006 06:56 PM

I have installed nfsu2 mounted images with damon and ran gsme but when i get into the game it shows the mini map and sms but no car no world nothing please help reply


12-09-2006 10:09 AM

from where i can download bin files reply


12-09-2006 12:33 PM

hi i downloaded GTA Vice.City.Stories which is an ISO file and i used Daemon tools to open it but it just would not open it said “Windows cannot read from disk.the disk might be corrupt,or it could be using a format that isn’t compatible with windows” its 1.28GB.

Can anyone please help me with my problem. thanks people!!
:( reply


12-14-2006 09:44 AM

helooo...i got a question...ive downloaded some movies from utorrent program and now i have bin.file witch i cant play...my brother say that i can make it work with VLC media player but still it doesnt work...so i wonder...does exist some program where you can easily look some movie in bin file???

please answer me...im so fuckt up reply


12-15-2006 01:19 AM

snowballer wrote:
I understand a real program for Rome Total War pretty illusive... Well good news, boys and girls... There is a real Rome Total War file(s) through Bearshare (I no longer use Kazaa, as I’m much happier using Bearshare and have been for the last 3 years - a much better program; hardly any bunk music files and can do multiple searches, lots of higher quality music). The 4 files are called:
Rome Total War No-CD Crack.zip

Use Alcohol 120% (thanks “guest”, great program) to open the 3 .bin files (note: the trial version works fine). Select All files to open as Alcohol 120% will not recognize .bin files. Select Image Burining Wizard in the main window once you’ve opened the file, press (no need to mess with any of the options) Next, OK, then Start to burn on to CD. Do this for all 3 .bin files.

Last (Important) Step: After you’ve installed from all 3 CDs (you’ll notice that during install, you are not asked for a serial/CD key), you will need to extract the .zip file you’ve downloading along with the 3 .bin files. Once extracted, use this file to replace the existing file (through Program Files for Rome Total War, wherever you downloaded the program). This is the crack and the game will not work with out it; it will keep asking you to insert the correct CD otherwise.

Chances are, you’ll be downloading from me through Bearshare. Have fun! KEEP FREE DOWNLOADS ALIVE, BABY!!

dude, thank you soo much. i really needed that no-cd crack reply


12-16-2006 02:14 PM



12-22-2006 08:44 AM

FMW wrote:
I have a similar problem with Call of Duty. I burned both cd 1 and cd 2, and the installation went fine. I went to play it, so I inserted cd 1. But it keeps telling me it’s the wrong cd. I insert cd 2, and it tells me to put in cd 1. Did I forget to do something?

Did you not follow instructions on how to copy a CD? First, use nero to burn the .BIN and .CUE files to CD. Then, use DAEMON Tools to check if .BIN and .CUE Files are right or not. Then if it’s ok, then it’s 100%. Now put the call of duty CD’s 1 & 2 CD and play it. Simple as that. reply


12-22-2006 08:56 AM

just checking wrote:
I have nero 5 and clone CD. Clone CD can only read .ccd files. Nero5 doesn’t know the .bin format. When I try to burn a game (old one, fallout 2:)) by opening the .cue format, it tells me that it can’t read the .bin file. Then it tells me that an error occured while trying to load the cue file. Why is this happening? WHyyyyyyyyyyy?

That happens very often. You need Nero 6 (or older versions, but its available on Oldversion.com). Then when you install Nero 6, open the .BIN File to the CD and use DAEMON tools to check if its good or a crap! Then insert the blank CD and let it burn the .BIN File. Then ta da. It’s done. Simple as that. reply


12-22-2006 09:37 AM

You can 'repair' the cue file by opening it with notepad, and changing the name of the filename in there with the name of the file you have...


FILE “The.Settlers.Heritage.of.Kings.CD1.RELOADED-ShadowCast.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00


FILE “rld-se5a.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00 reply


12-22-2006 09:39 AM

Also you need to make sure you have an actual bin file. If even after you repaired the cue it doesn’t work, try renaming it to an .avi file, you might actually have some good stuff there ;) reply


12-25-2006 09:22 AM

when i copied and pasted the crack file but it only creates a shortcut.

Wat should i do plz can some one help :) reply


12-25-2006 12:37 PM

Go to http://www.gamecopyworld.com and get a decent crack reply


12-27-2006 07:03 AM

if you only got a bin file get cue file maker its free nice little progy ;P reply


12-28-2006 02:31 AM

hello! i have also just downloaded the nfsu by using limewire. it contains files named dev-nsug.r23,24,25.......
my .r17 file of cd 2 is currupt. can anyone give me that file or give me the links to download cd2 of underground 1 again.thank you very much reply


12-28-2006 02:50 AM

hello! i have also just downloaded the nfsu by using limewire. it contains files named dev-nsug.r23,24,25.......
my .r17 file of cd 2 is currupt. can anyone give me that file or give me the links to download cd2 of underground 1 again.thank you very much reply


12-28-2006 05:36 PM
2 posts

hi i have recently downloaded a game that is four discs when bought normally. its a bin file and cue in each disc folder and i have tried using magiciso and daemon tools but when i run the game it just says enter disc one. I burnt the files in the bin files to a cd and that gave the same result. i converted the bin file to and iso file and put that on disc but that just caused the game to black out when it asked for the disc and close down. i have tried mounting the cd’s to the fake drives that didnt work. I have tried to run the iso file straight from the drive but that just opens magiciso.

Please i really want to play this game!!!!

Any ideas? reply


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